Why Belize is one of the coolest countries to visit!

Regardless of the fact that it is surrounded by Latin American countries, Belize, though, is not Latin American (yet)!
Belize is a country located in Central America. Although the majority in Belize speaks Spanish, the official language there is English besides the informal language, Kriol, making Belize a trilingual country.

If you ever tried traveling to countries which didn’t speak any English, and you were really suffering from the lack of communication, well I have good news for you! The official language of Belize is English. So I can assure you won’t have the same experience in this country!
Belize is a country located in Central America. The majority in Belize speaks Spanish (even though the official language there is English) besides the informal language, Kriol, making Belize a trilingual country.

Culture is one major reason why I consider Belize one of the coolest destinations as they have a Caribbean vibe mixed with a British touch. Since the country has a mixture of different cultures, you will find a variety of music genera as well such as reggae, calypso, Caribbean, hip-hop, rap, and rock!

Now let me take you on a quick tour through Belize to see the coolest places to visit there:

If you’re into diving and water activities, I recommend the following:

  1. The Great Blue Hole

I definitely advise you to try diving in the blue hole since it’s one of the most popular spots for scuba divers plus the fact that it was declared as a UNESCO heritage site in 1996. I am quite sure you will enjoy snorkeling in crystal clear water watching different species of fish, sharks, and colorful reefs.

2.Ambergris Caye

Is an island off the coast of northern Belize, and it is a spot for many snorkelers and divers since it has a variety of diving centers and instructors.

3.Hol Chan Marine

If you are up for an adventure and would like to dive with dolphins, sea turtles, and even sharks, then, Hol Chan Marine is definitely the place you are looking for!

4.Cayo District

Cayo is one of the six districts in Belize, and it’s a common spot for those who are seeking for making adventures in the jungle and creating crazy memories. So if you are into nature, then this is your chance to take a break from civilization and get lost in the forest. Besides, Cayo District is known for its historical sites such as the Mayan Ancient Sites. So, if you are into history and would like to dive more into the Belizean culture, you should definitely travel west of Belize to visit the Mayan ancient sites.

In addition to all of that Belize is currently open for tourists with no quarantine required (phew!) which makes it so much easier for us:- Mingling with a mixture of different cultures “Check”- Wildlife adventures “Check!”- Caribbean laid-back life “Check!”- Last but not least, no time wasted “Check!”Hope you all enjoy your time in Belize, see a countless number of sea species and wild creatures and eat a lot of Caribbean food.

Did you decide to go?

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