Planning a Trip to Zurich?


You probably know Zurich as the place where spies stash all their cash or meet bankers and exchange Swiss bank account numbers. But Zurich actually has a lot to offer the visitor not after a new bank account. 

Water is everywhere in Switzerland and Zurich is no exception. It has the Limmat river running right through the center and Lake Zurich too. So, if you come in summer, bring your bathing gear because everyone is either at the lake or in the river, and BBQing!

Best Time to Visit: 
The months of July and August see pleasantly warm weather and are the most popular months to visit.

Zurich is in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, But the language you’ll hear in Zurich is Zurich German, a local dialect of Swiss German. English is widely spoken, particularly among people in industries catering to tourists.

Currency: The common currency in Zurich and the rest of Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF).
Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, so it does not use the euro as currency

Getting Around: If you arrive in Zurich by train or plane, your first introduction to the city will be Zurich Hauptbahnhof, the busy main train station. From here, you can reach virtually any part of central Zurich by foot or via one of the numerous, frequent trams that ply the city.

Things to Do

If you’re spending a few days in Zurich, you’ll want to spend your time taking in a few museums, exploring historic neighbourhoods and enjoying the scenery along Lake Zurich and the Limmat River. Luxury fashion and accessory shopping draw tourists to Zurich, but there are also areas where you can find antiques and one-of-a-kind goods from local designers and artisans.

  • Explore the Altstadt. The oldest and most characteristic neighbourhood of Zurich, the Altstadt (Old Town) sits on both sides of the Limmat River and is home to medieval churches, public buildings, and historic guild-houses dating from the 12th to 19th centuries. Much of the area is pedestrian-only.

  • Take a boat ride on Lake Zurich. Commuter and tour boats sail the clear waters of Lake Zurich all year long, and a ride on this postcard-perfect lake is a must-do activity in Zurich. Boats are a fast, easy, and entirely pleasant way to access many easy day trips from Zurich.

  • Head up to Uetliberg. At 2,850 feet above sea level3 but just 30 minutes by tram from Zurich’s main station, Uetliberg mountain is a favourite outdoor destination for Zurichers and visitors alike. There are family-friendly hiking trails, casual eateries, and terrific views of Zurich, the lake, and more distant mountain peaks.

Money-Saving Tips

Zurich is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, but there are a few ways you can save money during your stay.

  • Ride the trams. Instead of taking costly taxis, take advantage of Zurich’s extensive tram network to get where you’re going. A single tram ticket, good for one hour, costs 4.40 Swiss francs (about $4.50).
  • Consider the Zurich card. The Zurich Card travel pass includes unlimited free travel on the city’s network of trams, buses, boats, and regional trains.
  • Pack a picnic. Avoid pricey restaurants by packing a picnic lunch or early dinner and enjoying it in one of the city’s lakeside or riverside parks.
  • Dine out at lunch. Restaurants in Zurich are expensive. But if you’ve got your heart set on a particular fine dining experience, you’ll generally find lunchtime menu prices are lower than at dinnertime for the same food and ambiance.


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