Best Restaurants in Munich 2023

Munich is the third largest city in Germany and is home to the world-famous Oktoberfest, which dates back to the 19th century. Eating in Munich offers the quintessential German foodie experience. You may think the food in Munich is all about beer and pretzels.
After all, this is the capital of Bavaria, where the dishes are hearty and the beer flows freely.
There are the best of Bavarian favorites like schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) and sauerkraut perfectly paired with the staples of a Bavarian party atmosphere with clinking beer mugs and boisterous Schlager music.

Best Restaurants in Munich



Best Bavarian Restaurants in Munich

Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom
The specialty served at the Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom doesn’t originally come from Munich, but from the Franconian (also part of the Free State of Bavaria) town of Nuremberg. Nevertheless, the Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom is one of the most popular Bavarian restaurants in central Munich, especially with tourists.
Address: Frauenplatz 9, 80331 München

Andechser am Dom
This restaurant has won numerous awards and it is frequented by many well-known locals. Famous for its schnitzel, the Andechser also boasts incredible roast pork with a dark Andechser beer sauce (Schweinsbraten aus dem „Bayrischen Land“ mit Andechser Dunkelbiersoße).  Also recommended are the grilled Bavarian Duck (Halbe Bayrische Bauernente vom Grill) and Strips of Veal in a Cream Sauce with Spätzle (Kalbsrahmgeschnetzeltes mit Spätzle).
Address: Frauenplatz 7, 80331 München

Zum Dürnbräu
Zum Dürnbraü, one of Munich‘s oldest restaurants, has been serving traditional Bavarian food since 1487.
It has retained its popularity over the centuries by consistently delivering homeland classics while adding modern flavors.
Address: Dürnbräugasse 2, 80331 München


Zum Franziskaner

Zum Franziskaner has a laid-back vibe that makes you feel like you’re dining in someone’s living room. The central location means it’s always full, and it’s a popular spot after the opera. There are two menus, a German one and an English one which doesn’t include all of the same dishes as the German ones, so if you want to try something *really* Bavarian ask for the German menu as well and see if your server can help you.
Address: Residenzstraße 9, 80333 München

Wirtshaus Maximilian

When you think of Wirtshaus, you think of Lederhosen, Oktoberfest, and the height of Bavarian kitsch. But Maximilian manages to promote tradition without being overly cheesy.
Sure, there’s a certain amount of pine about the place and schnitzel is on offer, but everything else has been given a modern makeover.
The atmosphere is light and airy, there are usually an impressive 30 to 40 German beers on tap or bottle, plus German and Austrian wines, and the menu boasts twists on traditional sausages, salads, schnitzel, and pretzels.
Address: Westermühlstraße 32, 80469 München

Best Mexican Restaurants in Munich

BLITZ Restaurant
This vibrant restaurant adds a turbo-watt of colour and energy to the Deutsches Museum of science and technology. Kitted out by designer and musician Trevor Jackson, Blitz features brightly coloured chairs, a mural of grinning Day of the Dead skeletons and, in Munich terms, a whole new level of Mexican cuisine.
Address: Museumsinsel 1, Access via Ludwigsbrücke, 80538 München

El Patio
This Tapas bar and Schwabing can be both really attractive for tourists. Here, you can find the recipes and ingredients of Mexican and Spanish cuisines.
Try nicely cooked fajitas, laing and tapas. Many people visit El Patio to taste good flans.
Address: Herzogstraße 88, 80796 München

Try dishes of Mexican cuisine at this bar. A lot of people point out that waiters serve tasty fajitas, tapas and nacho chips here.
The good baked custard is good to degust. Zapata will offer you delicious tequila, beer or piña colada.
Address: Wilderich-Lang-Straße 4, 80634 München

La Burrita
Come for a meal right after visiting Discrepancy.
According to the visitors’ comments, Mexican dishes here are quite nice and the menu is well-organized.
This restaurant is proud of tasty burritos, nacho chips, and tacos.
Get your meal started with delicious margaritas, tequila, or gin.
Address: Rindermarkt 15, 80331 München

Best Asian Restaurants in Munich


LeDu Dim Sum & Bar
Completely understated, you might walk past this tiny store and miss out on one of the best Chinese dishes in Munich. Though they specialize in making “happy dumplings” — both meat and veggie — the thing to order is a “jian bing.” Imagine a crêpe meets breakfast burrito, but then switch it to rich hoisin-style flavors and pancakes with a slight crunch.
Address: Klenzestraße 62, 80469 München

Krua Thai Imbiss
If you’re in the mood for some authentic thai cuisine, Krua Thai Imbiss is a great option. With an extensive menu and prices that won’t leave you broke, this spot is perfect for lunch or dinner. Some say that their Pad Thai is the best around, so if you’re looking for a tasty but affordable meal, give this place a try!
Address: Dachauer Str. 20, 80335 München

Rüen Thai
Rüen Thai is a rustic yet elegant restaurant in Munich that specializes in southern Thai dishes with global wine list. The restaurant has friendly and attentive staff, delicious food, and beautiful setting.
Address: Kazmairstraße 58, 80339 München

JaVi – Japanese & Vietnamese
The JaVi restaurant offers two contrasting culinary worlds in one place – Japanese and Vietnamese food. LaVi’s pan-Asian cuisine is inspired by Japanese and Vietnamese spices, so you’re in for a real treat with the likes of sushi rolls and coconut curries.
Address: Schleißheimer Str. 182, 80797 München

Mun Mun Thai Cooking
The Food at Mun Mun is all made with fresh ingredients and you can tell.
Whilst tasting deeeeelicious , the food doesn’t leave you with the feeling of self-loathing that can often come with generous helpings of Thai cuisine.
Address: Münchner Freiheit 7, 80802 München



Best Italian Restaurants in Munich


Casa Sarda, Schwabing
Located in one of the small buildings that make up Elisabethmarkt, it is amazing just how much (good) food is produced in the limited working space. Serving Sardinian cuisine, guests can normally choose between 3 – 4 pasta dishes, but owner Mario Tola is also open to requests and suggestions!   The antipasti is a must and include octopus salad,
stuffed pepperoncini and delicious vegetables.
Address: Elisabethpl. 13, 80796 München


L’Assaggino, Glockenbachviertel
The small entrance of L’Assaggino is easy to miss, sandwiched between other bars, shops, and bistros on the busy Frauenhoferstraße. Tip: keep an eye out for the red and white sign reading “pizza, pasta, vino” and the windows steamed up by boiling pans. Owner Salvatore Cavallo will talk you through the wines and food on offer, and tell you tales from the hood. No frills, no website, no social media – just good honest Italian cooking.
Address: Fraunhoferstraße 7, 80469 München

La Cambusa
Because the ristorante was so small when it first opened, it was given the name of La Cambusa (the galley). Meanwhile, Umberto Nasuti’s ristorante has expanded, and merely the wooden ships on the walls and the brass ship’s lamps are reminiscent of that time. The menu offers good traditional fare on a very high level and includes seasonal offers. The staff are always attentive, the waiters are often up for banter, and even first-time guests are given the feeling of belonging to the family.
Address: Cosimastraße 4, 81927 München

This restaurant is a right choice if you are in the mood for Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Most people think that you can order tasty che and nicely cooked tiramisu here. It’s nice to try delicious limoncello or good wine. Based on the reviewers’ opinions, waiters offer great espresso. Guests don’t highly appreciate spaghetti at Limoncello.
Address: Verdistraße 92, 81247 München

Best Indian Restaurants in Munich


Dhaba has two sites in Munich: in Belgradstraße and on the Münchner Freiheit. The latter stands out for its accomplished design concept, sleek website and of course phenomenal food! The lunch menu is particularly attractive here, making a detour from work or a day of sightseeing absolutely worthwhile.
Address: Belgradstraße 16, 80796 München

Ganga specializes in dishes from northern India and is conveniently located in Munich’s well-connected Glockenbachviertel. There is a kind of coherence to the design: lots of red (a given), dark wood, and ornate golden pictures. The Thali only costs €11.90, inviting you to take a quick taste.
Address: Baaderstraße 11, 80469 München

Madam Chutney
The menu of Madam Chutney includes a variety of in total 27 different dishes. On average, an item costs 12 €, and here you can find all the 27 dishes and drinks on their menu.
Address: Frauenstraße 11, 80469 München

Best American Restaurants in Munich


Mr. Pancake
Address: Gabelsbergerstraße 34, 80333 München

Jones Original American Diner
Address: Karlstraße 56, 80333 München

Hard Rock Cafe Munich
Address: Platzl 1, 80331 München


Best Afghanian Restaurants in Munich 

Kabul – Afghan
Address: Dachauer Str. 33, 80335 München

Chopan Schwabing
Address: Occamstraße 3, 80802 München

NIGIN Afghanisches Restaurant
Address: Neuhauser Str. 15, 80331 München

Best Döner in Munich
TÜRKITCH Köfte & Kebap
Address: Feilitzschstraße 2, 80802 München

Best Sushi Restaurant in Munich
Address: Klenzestraße 71, 80469 München

Best Vietnamese Restaurant in Munich
Address: Augsburgerstraße 1, 80337 München



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